Preserving Sound Preaching for Posterity

SermonAudio and Bob Jones University are exploring a mutually beneficial relationship to advance God's kingdom and to train the next generation.

It should be of great concern to every church that the level of hostility toward Christianity is escalating. The logical culmination of this hostility will be to silence the most offensive message of all, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, along with the plain teachings of the Bible. As we witness case after case of Big Tech cancelling voices that do not agree with their progressive agenda, churches will increasingly need to find a friendly platform that will safeguard their ability to proclaim the truth. We are aware of this impending threat and are working hard to maintain infrastructure resilience to ensure censorship resistance.

"A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself." Proverbs 22:3.


There is a long-term, secure storage facility tucked away in the side of an icy mountain above the Arctic Circle between Norway and the North Pole, called the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, or more commonly referred to as the Doomsday Vault. Its purpose is to house all of the world's seeds securely so that in the event of an apocalyptic situation or a global catastrophe, the seeds will be preserved to allow nations to grow various foods again.

We would like to build a "doomsday vault" of our own. Except in this vault, we would be housing the good seed of the preached word in the event of a catastrophic breakdown in relations with cloud providers and platforms. The bottom line is simple. It is imperative that we make every effort and take every step to ensure that the millions of sermons on SermonAudio are preserved for posterity—for this generation and the next.

We are calling this project THE VAULT and it is a long-term, ongoing project comprised of a fleet of servers and storage arrays operated in-house in order to gain greater independence from cloud platforms. It will involve multiple stages of development over time. This is our hope. This is our vision.

  1. Physical ownership of equipment in a secure location.
  2. Replication of equipment in multiple locations.
  3. Penetration of sermons into closed countries.
  4. Training the next generation of skilled technicians, developers, and engineers.

This is a monumental project and will take us far outside our comfort zone and far beyond our financial ability. Building cloud infrastructure is cost-prohibitive which is why Big Tech is so powerful. Please contact us directly at [email protected] for all serious inquiries involving larger commitments.

You can contribute to this vision by giving a gift to help fund the creation of The Vault. All support designated to THE VAULT will be 100% applied to this project.

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